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The Next Generation

Whitley Bay Operatic Society's youth section has been running for close to 20 years. Set up and run by members and associates of the society to teach the art of stage craft, it is great for young people to develop confidence, discipline and self esteem.

The Next Generation started its first season with 16 members and since them we have had as many as 50 a season. We cater for young people between the ages of 9-16 and our aim is to allow them to learn everything they need to know about singing, dancing and acting, Not only will members have fun being creative, learning to perform also helps improve communication and teamwork skills, and broadens young people's horizons through new experiences.

Several Next Generation members have gone on to join the adult society, while some have gone on to study arts at the highest level and work in regional, national and international theatres.

The Next Generation rehearse once a week on a Tuesday evening between 6.30pm and 8.30pm at Marden Bridge Middle School and members work towards producing an end of term showcase performed in front of an audience.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our next generation please contact Liz via email: [email protected]